Portfolio Xprt’s Modern Showspace

We intentionally left the heart of our space open so that the the room could accommodate events of varying shapes and sizes.

Attention to detail, and creative problem solving had us decide to 3D print custom designed microphone inserts that allow guests to sit causally as they have a teleconferenced at our meeting table. Partner Countryman Associates helped immensely to ensure the acoustic properties of the inserts has no impact on the pickup of their exceptional microphones.

A kitchenette allows us to show off some culinary might, when needed. Every party eventually finds its way to the kitchen!

The space features full height glazing on two complete sides, so automated blinds were an must. Nine large sheer blinds gracefully cut the glare as needed.

Colour-changeable LED lighting pervades the space, allowing us to alter the atmosphere to match any mood.

With furniture partner Stylegarage helping, we decorated and equipped the room with some gorgeous, custom, solid rustic pieces that have some tricks of their own. We collaborated on this table to incorporate a hatch outfitted with power, data and AV connections, as well as an array of four tabletop microphones to enable teleconferencing.